Regional Trials Network Victoria Newsletter, September 2019


The RTN Annual Progress Report was submitted to the Cancer Council Victoria in June 2019 with the following project outcomes achieved:

  • A central repository of all RTN site feasibility information. Data is available in real-time with access to feasibility status at each site. Sites can request bespoke reports and metrics
  • Implementation of the RTN marketing strategy that includes promotional brochures and RTN webpages hosted on the CTA website. The RTN brand s established and recognised amongst industry groups.
  • Completed site skills, capability and capacity audits
  • Participation in the Teletrials Pilot study
  • Site Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in place.
  • Successful implementation of Site Docs at each RTN site.

The RTN sites continue to demonstrate their responsiveness to the oncology research environment. Clinical Trial Sponsors can be confident that regional sites have the infrastructure, expertise and experience to conduct oncology clinical trials and care for regional patients.