Barwon Health

To provide comprehensive, accessible and compassionate care for patients and families of the Barwon South West region

Barwon Health - Clinical Trial Capacity
  • University Hospital Geelong, Barwon Health is the leading regional teaching hospital in Victoria and has established links with Deakin University
  • The Cancer Services Trials Unit (CSTU) is located in a purpose-built, comprehensive cancer facility, the Andrew Love Cancer Centre
  • Covering an area of 33,000 square kilometers and serving a population close to 400,000 people in Geelong and the wider Barwon South West region of Victoria
  • Approximately 2550 new haematology and oncology consults each year
  • Population growth across the region is acknowledged as one of the fastest in the country
  • This catchment’s regional population accounts for 8.6% of the Victorian cancer incidence
  • Trial Phase Capabilities – Phase Ib, II, III, IV
  • Lead Site capacity
  • Participated in over 500 haematology and oncology clinical trials and recruited over 5000 patients
  • Patient recruitment opportunities in 28 current open to accrual clinical trials
  • 170 years combined Investigator experience
  • Over 35 years combined Study Coordinator experience in
    haematology and oncology clinical trials
  • Research Team includes 20 Investigators, 1 Research Manager, 2 Team Leaders, 10 Study Coordinators, 2 Clinical Trials Assistants, 1 Data Manager and 1 Clinical Trials Pharmacist
  • The clinical trials portfolio aims to support the most common cancer streams and is a mixture of pharmaceutical, collaborative group and investigator initiated clinical trials
  • Tumour Streams include: Myeloma, AML, Lymphoma, Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Upper GI, Urology, Head and Neck, Gynaecological, Brain, Endocrine, Rare Sarcoma, Skin, Melanoma and various Registry Studies
  • The first regional Allied Health Clinical Trials Unit specialising in Cancer Supportive Care and Survivorship

The Cancer Services Trials Unit (CSTU) is located at:

Barwon Health,
University Hospital Geelong,
Andrew Love Cancer Centre
Level 3, 70 Swanston Street
Geelong, VIC, 3220

03 4215 2752

Assoc Prof Philip Campbell

Head of Haematology

Dr David Campbell

Head of Medical Oncology

Dr Graham Pitson

Head of Radiation Oncology


Dr Adam Friebe
Dr David Kipp
Dr Sumi Ratnasingam
Dr Hannah Rose
Dr Sheerang Sirdesai

Medical Oncology

Dr Patricia Banks
Dr Anna Lomax
Dr Caitlin Murphy
Dr Catherine Oakman
Dr Inger Olesen
Dr Madhu Singh
Dr Karen White
Dr Shu Fen Wong
Dr Saw Yee Yap

Radiation Oncology

Dr Michael Francis
Dr Andrew Hui
Dr Rod Lynch
Dr Maitham Mathlum
Dr Tracie Gleisner

Barwon Health - Clinical Trial Facilities
  • Chemotherapy Day Unit (Dayward) comprising of 15 treatment chairs and a private room with bed
  • 28 bed haematology/oncology inpatient unit
  • NATA accredited autologous stem cell transplant and apheresis service comprising 3 cell separators for therapeutic and cellular therapies, including PBSCC (PB stem cell collection), plasmapheresis and erythroctytaperesis. Located within the inpatient Haematology Unit with facilities to support and treat patients requiring intensive myeloablative conditioning therapies and ASCT (autologous stem cell transplant)
  • On-site compounding Pharmacy with secure, controlled access and temperature controlled storage
  • Radiotherapy facilities, for combination clinical trials, housing 2 dual modality Linear Accelerators with IMRT, VMAT and on-board imaging capabilities. The Planning infrastructure includes a Toshiba Wide Bore CT and Eclipse (Varian) planning system
  • Supportive Care Centre for patients and families
  • Dedicated clinical trial clinics
  • Laboratory processing facilities with refrigerated centrifuge, minus 20 and minus 80 freezer
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK), Pharmacodynamic (PD) and Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing capabilities and expertise
  • NATA accredited local pathology able to provide phlebotomy, processing and reporting services, along with archival and fresh tissue preparation
  • Access to the major diagnostic tools including PET, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear imaging and DEXA scans. Radiology assessments can be individualised and reported by suitably qualified radiologists according to protocol requirements
  • All staff have GCP training and CASA accreditation to the current Dangerous Goods Regulations where applicable
  • Dedicated monitoring facilities and ability to provide access to electronic systems which are CFR Title 21 Section 11 compliant, controlled by personal identification with audit trail capacity and limited by trial patients
  • Local archiving facilities
  • Barwon Health HREC is a participant in the NMA Scheme and the Victorian SERP as an accepting site (not a reviewing site)
  • Local review of multi-site approved research projects within 2-3 weeks through Barwon Health Research Ethics, Governance and Integrity (REGI) Unit
  • Average time from site selection to first patient on study is 8 weeks